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Whelped March 10th, 2015

7 puppies - 3 black males, 1 liver male, 2 black females, 1 liver female

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The 'W' litter is a linebreeding out of two of the nicest dogs to come out of our kennel. Both Max and Ziva are out of Lager v den drei Teufeln, an exceptional male owned by Jeff Funke that has proven to be a great producer, especially when outcrossed to our fast, stylish, wide-ranging field bitches. Max and Ziva are very similar dogs with big-time power in the field and water. They are hard-core meat dogs and both are phenomenal water dogs.







NAVHDA UT:  204/I @ 28 mo

VHDF AHAE:  166 @ 15 mo

HEIGHT:  24"

WEIGHT:  58 lbs

COAT:  liver roan, med dense/ med harsh

BITE & EYES:  normal

HIPS:  PENNhip R.25 L.29, 90th percentile





Max is one of the most talented dogs that we have produced. His desire for game on land and water is unparalleled. Max combines the best of his very talented parents, Luke (Lager v den drei Teufeln) and Allie (McNally's Super Allie). He is a turbo-charged field dog with breathtaking style and intensity, and he is a water-pounding duck retrieving machine in the duck blind. Max was hammering the water to retrieve ducks in 10F icy weather when he was 8 months old.

Max ran the VHDF advanced hunting aptitude evaluation (AHAE) last May at the very young age of 15 months old. He had hunted ducks the winter before and had only seen one live duck in training before the test. As a testament to Max's innate water desire, his AHAE duck search ended at 20 minutes with Max over 200 yards away buried in a cattail marsh. He received maximum scores of  '10' in Field Search, Nose, Blind Water Entry and Search Behind the Duck. He received an impressive '11' in overall Desire, which includes an extra point for showing a remarkable level of desire throughout the test. Max also earned a maximum '4' in the NAVHDA utility duck search at 19 months of age. He performed prize I level work in all areas of the utility test except Steadiness in the Field, which is impressive for such a young age. At 28 months old Max ran in his second utility test and scored a maximum 204/I. At a very early age on land and water, Max continues to prove that he just no quit in him.

Similar to his dam, Allie, and littermate Harley, Max actually has a very calm disposition and is a gentleman around the house.

Max is owned and trained by Brett Wood of Logan, Utah.







HEIGHT:  25"

WEIGHT:  62 lbs

DOB: 2-24-2011

COAT:  black ticked, dense/ harsh

BITE & EYES:  normal

HIPS:  PennHIP L 0.26 R 0.23








Ziva is one of the best hunting dogs that we have ever owned. She is a very driven, determined dog that developed very early as both an upland and waterfowl hunting dog. During Ziva's first hunting season, at only 8 to 10 month old, she had one of the of the most most productive hunting seasons of any young dog we have ever owned. She would search out independently several hundred yards for chukars and huns and hold point for several minutes until we caught up with her. Ziva also retrieved over 100 ducks and geese during her first hunting season, including several limits on the Columbia River in December in tough winter conditions. During the 2015 duck opener, Ziva was the lone dog in the duck blind and retrieved 40 ducks by herself, hammering the water on every retrieve. Ziva is equally impressive on upland and waterfowl, and she performs both at a very high level. She is also one of the most durable hunting dogs we have owned. You can hunt her on chukars on multiple days in a row and she never gets sore feet or breaks down, which is a rare trait in our steep, rocky country. She has earned the nickname "The Beast" for a reason - you just can't break this dog down.

Ziva has a very confident temperament and takes heavy training pressure in stride. She does great with other dogs and our three young children. For such a hard charging hunting dog, Ziva also does a great job of coming into the house and calmly laying on her bed. She is truly the total package dog. He coat is dense and harsh.

Ziva is from a very successful breeding where all 7 puppies were NAVHDA natural ability tested and all 7 received prize Is with an average score over 110 points. Ziva scored a 108/I in the NAVHDA natural ability test and 182/II in the NAVHDA utility test as a 3 year old, only missing a prize I due to steadiness in the field. Ziva is a very high drive dog that hunts the field with a very aggressive search, and her duck search and water work show the same level of incredible desire. She is one of those dogs that is an "automatic 4" in the duck search and she takes a flying leap into the water on the send.






All puppies are spoken for 

Due April 29th, 2015


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HEIGHT:  25"

WEIGHT:  65 lbs

DOB: 2-18-2013

COAT:  liver roan


BITE & EYES:  normal

HIPS:  PennHIP L 0.31, R 0.30 (80th %)




Gus is owned and hunted by Bruce Carrol and was trained by Jeff Funke. Jeff said that Gus was one of the nicest dogs that he has ever had in to train. Gus is a great all-around versatile dog with a level of water work that is second to none. Gus is out of two of Jeff's best hunting dogs and producers in Luke and Rabe.

Two of our best litters were outcross litters to Gus' sire, Luke. This is a very similar breeding and we expect the same outstanding results.






NAVHDA NA: 112/I @ 10 mo


HEIGHT:  23"

WEIGHT:  52 lbs

DOB: 7-22-2009

COAT:  liver & white, medium dense/medium harsh


BITE & EYES:  normal

HIPS:  OFA Excellent





Lola is a once-in-a-lifetime dog. She has been a prodigy from her earliest wild bird hunts and continues to impress in every training and hunting situation thrown at her. Lola has a very aggressive, medium-to-large ranging field search. She has a spectacular nose and is an excellent bird finder. She has as much "point" as any wirehair we have seen. She honors naturally and has excellent style and intensity on game. She pounds the water and loves hunting ducks.

Lola has an excellent temperament and loves spending her free time on Jim and Pat's couch. She is a tough, gritty dog that can handle heavy training pressure and the most difficult hunting conditions out there.

Lola's previous litters have produced very talented dogs and many are finding, pointing, and retrieving wild birds at 5-6 months old.

Lola is co-owned with Jim and Pat Pease of Bend, OR. You can see more pictures of Lola on Jim's website at www.fridawire.com





Harley is not pregnant. Either Harley or Tater will be bred in July/August for a fall litter.