Choosing a stud requires an immense amount of time and research.  A great stud dog is a true rarity, even from a line of great dogs. At Bone Point Kennels, choosing a stud has nothing to do with who owns the dog or where the dog is located.  Often times, if we feel the best stud for a female is across the US then we will ship her to be bred.  Breeding to the best dog usually isn't the most convenient route.  Because of our strict criteria for choosing a stud, we usually breed to outside dogs.  If we feel that we have a male great enough to breed, then we will use him.  Feel free to contact us for stud recommendations or to get more info about a particular dog. 

Studs are only available to approved bitches that have something to offer the breed.  Bitches must have OFA or PennHIP certification of being HD free, be certified as being free of autoimmune hypothyroidism through OFA, be free of physical faults, be a proven hunting dog from proven bloodlines and be a good representative of the breed.


Max is standing at stud in Baker City, OR for the month of December, 2015





NAVHDA NA: 112/I @ 7 mo

NAVHDA UT:  204/I @ 28 mo

VHDF AHAE:  166 @ 15 mo

HEIGHT:  24"

WEIGHT:  58 lbs

COAT:  liver roan, med dense/ med harsh

BITE & EYES:  normal

HIPS:  PENNhip R.25 L.29, 90th percentile




Max is one of the most talented dogs that we have produced. His desire for game on land and water is unparalleled. Max combines the best of his very talented parents, Luke (Lager v den drei Teufeln) and Allie (McNally's Super Allie). He is a turbo-charged field dog with breathtaking style and intensity, and he is a water-pounding duck demon in the duck blind. Max was hammering the water to retrieve ducks in 10F icy weather when he was 8 months old.

Max ran the VHDF advanced hunting aptitude evaluation (AHAE) last May at the very young age of 15 months old. He had hunted ducks the winter before and had only seen one live duck in training before the test. As a testament to Max's innate water desire, his AHAE duck search ended at 20 minutes with Max over 200 yards away buried in a cattail marsh. He received maximum scores of  '10' in Field Search, Nose, Blind Water Entry and Search Behind the Duck. He received an impressive '11' in overall Desire, which includes an extra point for showing a remarkable level of desire throughout the test. Max also earned a maximum '4' in the NAVHDA utility duck search at 19 months of age. He performed prize I level work in all areas of the utility test except Steadiness in the Field, which is impressive for such a young age. At 28 months old Max ran in his second utility test and scored a maximum 204/I. At a very early age on land and water, Max continues to prove that he just no quit in him.

Similar to his dam, Allie, and littermate Harley, Max actually has a very calm disposition and is a gentleman around the house.

Max is owned and trained by Brett Wood of Logan, Utah.